When to End a Casual Sex Relationship

Did you take that extra step with a platonic male friend? Sure, it seemed like a good idea at first. You get along well with him, you can hang out for hours on end, and both of you are single. So why not satisfy each other sexually with no strings attached? You’ll always have that companion and you’ll have a partner in bed that doesn’t require as much work or emotion as a romantic relationship! But then reality sets in: you are starting to develop stronger feelings for him. You think about him when he’s not around. And every time you fool around with him, it becomes more and more obvious that you are starting to fall in love with him. If this is you, it’s probably a good time to end this relationship before it gets too ugly!

A casual sexual relationship with a good friend will almost inevitably start out fantastic. It seems like it solves all of your problems. You get to keep a supportive, functional platonic relationship going while adding a little spice for your needs. The unfortunate reality, however, is that women tie romantic feelings in with sex, regardless of whether it is conscious or not. Men are built for hit-and-run sexual encounters. It’s easy for them to have a little fun and walk away without any altered feelings. Women are not the same. Sex is a very intimate act, even if it is supposedly casual. A woman will enter the situation thinking they’re capable of managing their emotions, but often times they will take hold before she even notices. And the longer this relationship transpires, the bigger the risk of heartbreak.

The second you start realizing that your emotions are developing beyond the platonic, it is wise to end the casual sex relationship with your friend. You may entertain fantasies that he is feeling the same way, but that is very, very unlikely. It’s not going to happen. You need to protect yourself. So how do you do that?

It’s simple. Tell him no. Say no to answering his calls or messages. Say no to any suggested outings or anything resembling a date. Say no to him coming over late at night for a “booty call” when his other options fall through. Be unavailable. He will get the hint and you will save yourself from the eventual heartache that will accompany him ending the relationship — which will happen at some point if you don’t.

Remember that you both entered into this relationship with certain expectations on the table. Don’t be resentful that it didn’t turn in your favor, simply distance yourself until you feel you are healed. Then, hopefully, you can revive the platonic relationship (without sex!) and move on to a healthier relationship that is intended to be romantic.

Casual Sex Relationships: What to Do When They Get Out of Hand

Are you in a casual sex relationship with a friend and concerned that your feelings for him are getting too serious? Are you worried that you are falling harder and harder for this guy who may not be interested in you romantically at all? Do you find yourself thinking about him all the time and having to stop yourself from calling or texting him just so that you don’t seem desperate? If any of this sounds like you, you might be in trouble. It’s time to figure out how to get out of this pseudo-relationship before you find yourself heartbroken.

Most of us have been in similar situations. The idea of a “friend with benefits” seems like a universal win. You don’t have the hassle of a full-on romantic relationship, but you still get to have an emotional (if platonic) connection with someone — and get laid, to boot. The problem here is that men are wired very differently from women, especially when it comes to sex. Men can easily have lots of sex with lots of different partners without becoming emotionally or psychologically attached. Women, however, have a few roadblocks in casual sex relationships.

Women tend to identify with and care for their sexual partners far more easily than men do. This is not to say that the situation never happens in reverse, but it is far more likely that a woman will start falling for her casual sex partner than a man will his — and that spells danger for you!

Recognize that the situation is not likely to change. It’s unrealistic to expect or even hope that the relationship’s boundaries will change simply because your level of interest has changed. If you are actually platonic friends with this man, it is even more important to end the relationship before your expectations get out of hand for the sake of salvaging the friendship.

So what do you do? Do nothing! Stop having sex with him. Stop spending time with him alone. Put some space between you and your (former) casual sex partner for a while. Go on dates with other guys to get your mind off of him. Let his phone calls go to voicemail. If you can’t avoid seeing him, invite other trusted mutual friends to the gathering to run defense for you. The bottom line is that you absolutely have to end the sexual relationship NOW, before things get even more out of hand.

Why It Is the Best to Get Involved in Same Sex Relationships With Girls

If you’re one of many girls thinking about dating other females, then there are a couple things you should know. Life is too short to not try and be happy whether it be with a woman or a man. The entire process of dating can be very overwhelming and a bit unorthodox at times, but when you meet the perfect person, all the waiting will be worth it. Exploring same sex relationships isn’t about being with someone because they’re female but because you’re willing to get to know someone in an intimate way despite their gender. It’s about being open-minded and giving them a chance.

Best Things About Dating Girls

– Dating Is Less Stressful

Many lesbian and bisexual women have said that being with someone of the opposite sex was more fluid and less stressful than being with someone of the opposite sex. The reason to this is that women tend to balance each other out which enables the communication to be way better. A lot of great relationships tend to break and damage due to miscommunication, which can cause future troubles. Women are just easier to communicate with in comparison to men.

– Long Lasting Relationships

Women are usually more capable of staying within a relationship. They have the ability to go the distance and stay longer. If you’re looking to experiment and try going with women, you’ll find that you will be a lot happier if you have goals on having a longer relationship. Don’t be shocked if your new girlfriend sticks beside you for the long haul and stays much longer.

– Elegance In Women

Women are just naturally more beautiful. They’re unique beings with elegance, grace, and pure beauty. It’s their movement, how they talk, the way they walk, and what they do that really gets other people noticing them. Women are so much more beautiful than most think. They’re majestic and fluid not only on the dance floor but also on how they live their lives.

– Nurturing Nature

Women are just born with the maternal instinct. They are born with this ability to be nurturing and loving. Even if a woman decides not to have a child, she will most likely have a nurturing nature. Having a girlfriend and raising a child with her is surely going to be exciting because of how she handles kids. Her natural nurturing nature is what will help you both raise kids successfully. Even in the world of just being together, they’ll treat you right and be easier to live with throughout the day in comparison to men.

In conclusion, if you are tired of all your other relationships with men not working out, then maybe being with a girl will give you a change of scenery. You will learn so much from being with girls, and you will also learn a lot about yourself. Don’t let the fear of what people may say about you stop yourself from trying it out and being happy, because you never know, your soulmate may just be a woman.